The Walrus Foundation’s 2010 Report to Our Donors

How you have helped keep the Canadian conversation alive

The Walrus Foundation
A message from the Chair
of the Board of Directors

Last year was outstanding for The Walrus.

In our initial issue of the year, Ron Graham explained Michael Ignatieff and his place within the Liberal party. We ended 2010 with a cover piece by Matthieu Aikins asking if the military’s massive counterinsurgency gamble can salvage the Afghan war.

In between, Noah Richler was on the set of Barney’s Version with Dustin Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, and his father’s ghost as well. Alison Motluk investigated the underground trade in human eggs and Lisa Moore created new fiction.

These Walrus stories and many more — about Canadians and our place in the world — weren’t being told anywhere else. We were able to present them, both on the page and at public events, because of the support of organizations and individuals like you.

Some events can’t be understood the day they happen. Some stories can’t be properly told in just a few hundred words. By supporting the writers, artists, interns, and editors who do this work you have recognized the value of The Walrus to Canada’s intellectual and cultural life. On behalf of The Walrus Foundation’s Board of Directors, I’d like to thank you.

Here’s to an even more interesting 2011.

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Michael Decter
Chair of the Board of Directors

The Walrus Foundation
Your support enabled us to continue
producing award-winning content

In 2010, The Walrus once again won more National Magazine Awards than any other Canadian publication. Our contributors took home nine golds, three silvers, and twenty-one honourable mentions.

The National Magazine Awards celebrate the achievements of the freelance writers, photographers, and illustrators with whom we are privileged to work. Their talent and passion allow us to publish this magazine about Canada and its place in the world. We’re deeply grateful to our readers, donors, and other supporters, because we couldn’t have done it without you.

The Walrus Foundation
More Canadians are engaged in the conversation

Our readership continues to grow — orders are up 22 percent over 2009 — and newsstand sales rose by 15 percent during the same period.

We know our greatest strength is our readers: we’re pleased to report that thousands of you have made financial contributions beyond the basic cost of your subscriptions.

In the past year, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa have hosted Walrus Foundation debates and events. Our educational mission means we are mandated to expand beyond The Walrus magazine, broaden the Canadian conversation, and reach out to more citizens across the country.

The Walrus provides a forum for sophisticated ideas, analysis, and wit. It also delivers access to a public square where Canadian talent is celebrated and spirited, intelligent debate is encouraged. It’s our belief — and we trust you share it — that the intersection of community and creative thought leads to a more just society. We thank you for helping us strive for that ideal.

The Walrus Foundation
The conversation makes a difference

In 2010, The Walrus published stories by: David Bergen
Marian Botsford Fraser
Dave Cameron
Robert Fulford
Zsuzsi Gartner
Jeet Heer
Lee Henderson
Marni Jackson
Chris Jones
Mark Kingwell
David Macfarlane
Pasha Malla
Stephen Marche
Lisa Moore
Sarah Selecky
Chris Turner
and more!

Ron Graham’s cover story on Michael Ignatieff (“The Stranger Within,” January/February 2010) spurred discussion from newspaper headlines to the House of Commons, further demonstrating The Walrus’s importance in Canada as a unique forum committed to provocative long-form journalism.

Gary Stephen Ross’s profile of Vancouver, “A Tale of Two Cities” (March 2010), with its four distinctive cover treatments, hit newsstands during the 2010 Winter Olympics. It generated wide media coverage, and got people thinking about city-building issues.

A 10 Percent World,” by J.B. MacKinnon (September 2010), prompted discussion among many key individuals in the environmental movement, including David Suzuki.

The Walrus Foundation
We’re building our base

Our donor base is growing, we’re meeting our financial targets, and our advertising revenue has improved over 2009.

We have engaged our committed board members and community volunteers, and with contributions like yours we have established a community of dedicated Walrus supporters.

The Walrus Foundation
Adding your voice to the Canadian conversation

Your financial contribution is vital to sustaining The Walrus Foundation’s endeavours. Advertising and circulation accounts for two-thirds of our revenue. The rest comes from donors, big and small. We can’t do it without you.

Annual Report 2010

In 2010, the Walrus Foundation directed 100 percent of fundraising dollars toward:

The Walrus Foundation
Thank you for continuing the Canadian conversation

These individuals and organizations have shown their commitment to Canada’s intellectual and cultural life by donating to the charitable, non-profit Walrus Foundation from January 1 to December 1, 2010. We applaud them for supporting Canadian writers, artists, readers, ideas, and debate.

Additional thanks to the sponsors and supporters of The Walrus Foundation Gala.

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