May 2005

"To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend."
- Jacques Derrida

Iran’s Bizarre Military Bazaar
The Life Quixotic
Cervantes’ man of la Mancha rides again
Lapland of Luxury
The Governor General in Finland
13 Reasons For List Lust
Remember: it’s quantification, not quality, that counts
Israel on the Brink
As the deadline looms for settlers to leave the settlement of Gush Katif, will Sharon’s Disengagement Plan divide the country against itself?
The Forest’s Edge
As a youth, the trees sustained me. I wonder now, have they been betrayed ?
Ignatieff’s Challenge
Paul Martin once had a vision for Canada’s role in the world. Does he still?
Sushi Then and Now
Royal Cock-up
Charles and Camilla are choosing personal gratification over the survival of a 1,000-year-old monarchy
Docs in the House
Why documentary film is finally burning up the big screen
Confusing, Vexing, And Beautiful
David Byrne turns the deadly sins on their head to say something new about the world
Modernism Matters
A Very Palpable Hit
Deconstructionists get down on gun deaths
Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Little Guys
A father ponders the moral architecture of children on a trip to Sherwood Forest
A Picture By Brueghel: Landscape With Icarus Falling
(contra Auden)
The Birdwatcher
Yossi Leshem saves lives by keeping his eye on the birds
May 2005
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