March 2009

Let’s All Be Neighbours on Will Wright Street

Let’s All Be Neighbours
on Will Wright Street

In Spore and Sims 3, gamers become gods
Forged in Fire
A red diaper baby in Russia witnesses the rise of Vladimir Putin
The Opposite of Apocalypse
Conservationists are restoring a living tortoise fossil to its prehistoric range. Can we recreate nature?
March 2009
On Afghanistan, and “The Lynching of Louie Sam”
What Would Smith Say?
The financial meltdown, through the eyes of the father of capitalism
Q&A: David Bergen
David Bergen speaks to The Walrus Blogs about his novel, The Retreat
House of Snow
A memoir of whiteout in Newfoundland
A new short story by David Bergen
The Outsider
How Stephen Harper brought Canada to conservatism and the Conservatives to crisis
Audio Q&A: On Stephen Harper
An audio interview with Walrus writer William Johnson
Human Resources
ReCAPTCHA: The job you didn’t even know you had
The Walrus Presents...
Stephen Harper woos Michaƫlle Jean in our new monthly comic strip.
To NFB or Not to NFB
The NFB celebrates its 70th birthday to accolades abroad, but obscurity at home
War Correspondence
Staying connected through Sudan’s struggle
Some Other Just Ones
A footnote to Borges
Divided Souls
For director Daniel Brooks, life and work are one
Travelling Through Time
An series of illustrations from the March 2009 issue.
Editor’s Note
On the new look of The Walrus.
The All-Inclusive Exclusive
A week in a Cuban paradise, until Hurricane Paloma hits
The NFB in 2009
A introduction to the work of Canada’s National Film Board
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the non-profit charitable Walrus Foundation
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The Walrus Laughs
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