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Emily Landau

September 2012
Teenage Dreams
After twenty-five years, Degrassi remains popular culture’s most honest depiction of teen life
July 2012
Double Vision
Poet Pauline Johnson enthralled Victorian theatregoers with a stereotype-smashing spin on her Mohawk-English heritage. Along the way, she became Canada’s first postmodern celebrity
June 2012
Magnified World
Grace O’Connell’s new novel, reviewed
January 2012
Lost Boy
With his parody of children’s books, Highly Inapproriate Tales for Young People, Douglas Coupland joins his Gen X peers, revelling in nostalgia. Isn’t it time to grow up?
December 2011
David Davidar’s new novel, reviewed
May 2011
Secrets of the Deep
Has Nova Scotia put its treasure hunters — and the bounty they seek — at risk of extinction?
May 2011
Review: Rupinder Gill’s <em>On the Outside Looking Indian</em>
“How my second childhood changed my life”
November 2010
Review: <em>The Beauty of Humanity Movement</em>
December 2009
Where the Wild Things Were
A retrospective of werewolves in popular culture
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