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July 2012
Summer Reading
Margaret Atwood, Joseph Boyden, and Heather O’Neill revisit characters we have loved — or love to hate. In between, David McGimpsey aims his poetic cannon at the Canadian canon. For your summer reading pleasure
June 2012
Visit to Canada by Their Royal Highnesses
Memorandum for Correspondents, Radio Broadcasters, Motion and Still Photographers
September 2009
Video: September 2009 Trailer
A new series of animated trailers for The Walrus magazine
September 2009
Old School
Before texting made child’s play of surreptitious classroom chatter, students passed notes
July 2009
Three Tales of Terror
Three new horror stories by Rivka Galchen, Lee Henderson, and Stephen Marche
July 2009
Photo: Niagara Falls, 1840
How academics found the first photograph to be taken in Canada
May 2009
Harlequin Romance Covers
A gallery of Harlequin covers from the 1950s to the present
May 2009
Win a copy of Craig Boyko’s <i>Blackouts</i>!
Courtesy of McClelland & Stewart
April 2009
Further Reading: Perimeter Institute
Find out more about Perimeter, and a guide to physics resources on the web
April 2009
Win a set of <i>Extraordinary Canadians</i> books
Courtesy of Penguin Canada
March 2009
Win Lee Henderson’s <i>The Man Game</i>
Courtesy of Penguin Canada. **WINNERS ANNOUNCED**
March 2009
Love Letters Contest
Your last chance to write a love letter for us and win $1,000!
January 2009
Canadian Politics 101
Features and reports on Canadian party politics from The Walrus archives.
October 2008
<i>The Walrus</i> in Calgary!
Celebrate our fifth anniversary event in Calgary on Oct 27. Last chance to buy tickets now!
July 2008
Q & A: Photographer Joan Latchford
An interview with Canadian photographer Joan Latchford.
May 2008
The Saddest Music, Part 6
BJ Thomas, Gravediggaz, The Smiths, Miserable vs. Sad
May 2008
The Saddest Music, Part 5
Judy Garland, Notorious BIG, Strawberry Switchblade, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins
May 2008
The Saddest Music, Part 4
May 2008
The Saddest Music, Part 3
The Boss, Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, Sinead O’Connor, Buffalo Tom
May 2008
The Saddest Music, Part 2
Joni Mitchell, The Communards, Patsy Cline, Billie Holliday, Kermit the Frog
May 2008
The Saddest Music In the World
From The Kinks to Kermit the Frog, we chose our 30 favourite sad songs. What are yours?
October 2003
Letters October 2003
Canada & its place in the world. Published by
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