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We want to share with you a wonderful new way to raise money for The Walrus Foundation, the registered non-profit charity that publishes The Walrus. We now have a custom search site and toolbar, both powered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Either way, you get the same search results you’re used to — but every search you run raises a few cents for The Walrus Foundation at no cost to you. (How? The Foundation receives a share of the advertising income that search engines live off.) Installation is simple, secure, and completely free, so please give it a try. There’s no adware, no malware, and the toolbar download* includes an uninstaller.

You do not have to register to search with our toolbar or search site. However, if you do register, your contribution data will be saved (and displayed on your search screen, as seen below). You can also recruit your friends, family, and colleagues to join our cause — and see a running tally of their combined contributions. Registering is a brief and easy process, requiring minimal information for identification. Your information will not be used for any other purposes.

Please make the search site your new home page (and/or browser search box), and be sure to download the toolbar — then you can begin funding Canada’s best magazine, one click at a time!

Good-Click toolbar

Detailed instructions

(1) Click here to visit the installation page, hosted by our partner, Comtribute.

(2) If you are a PC user, click the “Free Download” button to acquire our custom toolbar. (Apple owners: a Mac version is in development. Stay tuned.) Install and begin using it as you would any other executable file.

(3) Scroll to the bottom of Comtribute’s installation page and click “Browse our search site!” to access The Walrus’s custom search, which resides at www.thewalrus.good-click.com.

(4) Click “Register” in the top right corner of our search site. Enter your name, email, and choose a password to create your account. (Please remember to sign in for subsequent visits.)

(5) Internet Explorer and Firefox users: click the search site’s “Set as homepage” link to make us your homepage and/or default search provider. If you use Chrome, Safari, or another browser, you can change your homepage from within the application’s preferences.

The Walrus Foundation search page

* PC only. Mac version is currently in development.

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