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December 2008
Review: <i>The Muskwa Assemblage</i>
Don McKay’s alternative to cow placenta sculpture
Review: <i>Entitlement</i>
Brideshead Revisited and the Flyte to Canada
Review: <i>Distantly Related To Freud</i>
“Sex was power, as long as you kept your head.”
Review: <i>The Steve Machine</i>
A novel that toys with our notion of reality.
October 2008
Review: <em>Butterfly Mind</em>
Of dictatorships and drinks
Review: <em>Once</em>
Rebecca Rosenblum’s debut collection of stories in a Toronto setting
Review: <em>The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: <br />The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art</em>
Don Thompson’s comprehensive account of the world of contemporary art
Review: <em>The Retreat</em>
David Bergen puts on a clinic
September 2008
Review: <i>What </i><i>Is </i><i>America</i><i>? </i>
America’s genocidal history, as discussed in Ronald Wright’s new book
Review: <i>Revenant</i>
The romantic side of Anglesey, and other things not featured in this novel
Review: <i>The Killing Circle</i>
A new suspense novel from Andrew Pyper
Review: <i>The Wrecking Crew</i>
Thomas Frank’s follow-up to What’s the Matter with Kansas
July 2008
Molvanîa: A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry
Skewering the Lonely Planet style
Southern Ocean Cruising
Sailing south of 60 with explorers Sally and Jérôme Poncet
Sahara Overland
Chris Scott tackles the trackless wilderness
Siberian BAM Guide
How to “minimise vodka damage” on the Trans-Siberian trail
June 2008
Review: Toronto Noir
What seethes beneath T.O.’s cool politeness
Review: An Imperfect Offering
James Orbinski’s life as a humanitarian doctor
Review: Atmospheric Disturbances
A first novel by Rivka Galchen, MD
Review: Bottomfeeder
How to eat ethically in a world of vanishing seafood
May 2008
Nothing to Be Frightened Of
Julian Barnes memoir is quite an attention grabber
The Other Side of the Coin
David Orrell challenges neoclassical economics
Girls Fall Down
Review of Maggie Helwig’s new novel
Food, Sex, and Salmonella
David Waltner-Toews gets down and dirty
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