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July 2012
From the Middle East, but No Longer of It
Journalists Nahlah Ayed and Kamal Al-Solaylee publish culturally informed memoirs criticizing the rise of political Islam in their ancestral homelands
June 2012
The Walrus Reads
Seven new titles of note
May 2012
Road Rage
In Taras Grescoe’s Straphanger, pitched battles over transit are about where and how we want to live
January 2012
Lost Boy
With his parody of children’s books, Highly Inapproriate Tales for Young People, Douglas Coupland joins his Gen X peers, revelling in nostalgia. Isn’t it time to grow up?
October 2011
Guess Who’s for Dinner
The Cannibal Spirit joins a long tradition of flesh-eating literature set in Canada
July 2011
Brother Grim
In his new young adult novel, Idaho Winter, Tony Burgess unleashes his trademark gore and gross-out humour on the kids
June 2011
How Mordecai Richler taught a generation of writers to think big
May 2011
The Walrus Reads
Eight new titles of note
April 2011
Intelligence Deficit
What will happen when computers become smarter than people?
March 2011
Criminous Minds
A new wave of crime writers are exploring the darkest corners of Canadian society
December 2010
Mister Nice Guy
Stuart McLean’s kind-hearted universe
November 2010
The Backstory
Bestselling children’s author Robert Munsch faces a crisis
October 2010
Exquisite Amusements
Twenty-five years ago, Margaret Atwood published her Big Book. What should we make of what she’s done since?
September 2010
The Work of Art
Dany Laferrière once yearned to be well known. Some twenty books later, he’d rather be widely read
July 2010
Writing Johannesburg
As the World Cup arrives, South African authors are finding new ways to document their country’s biggest city
June 2010
Shoah Business
Yann Martel and the Holocaust novel
May 2010
<em>The Walrus</em> Reads
Seven new spring books
March 2010
Melting Plots
Two recent novels illuminate immigrants’ different experiences in English and French Canada
January 2010
Right of Passage
Will the promise of the Northwest Passage finally be realized?
December 2009
Dances with Werewolves
Kelley Armstrong celebrates the animal within
October 2009
How to Read a Masterpiece
Coming to terms with Marie-Claire Blais
July 2009
On Hugh MacLennan’s Watch
Hugh MacLennan’s bestseller The Watch That Ends the Night turns fifty
June 2009
Back In Palookaville
Cartoonist and designer Seth emerges as comics’ premier historian
May 2009
That Old Flame
After sixty years, Harlequin Romance books are still enslaving readers. What’s their secret?
April 2009
Extraordinary Canadians
In a new biography series, Canada is reimagined as a liberal Protestant nation
September 2008
The Other Darwin
The nineteenth-century naturalist gets emotional
July 2008
Post-Colonial Journeys
In the age of the global citizen, travel literature is in crisis
June 2008
None for the Ages
Can we hope to find the right leader for the times?
May 2008
Femmes Fatales
For a new generation of Quebec writers, sex is about everything but pleasure
April 2008
Spiritual Exercises
Religion remains a powerful force, according to Charles Taylor
December 2007
Not So Secret
Plundering Eastern religions for enlightenment and profit
One Hundred Years at Forty
Gabriel García Márquez’s sumptuous and tragic vision of the modern world
November 2007
Two new books ask, “Are we still in the same world?”
September 2007
The Last Patriots
Are Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal finally bidding adieu?
May 2007
City Limits
Is it time to rethink our view of Jane Jacobs as a visionary?
April 2007
God’s Slow Death
Three atheists argue for reason in the face of faith
March 2007
An American Type of Sadness
US writers keep mining our stuff-packed, consumerist world. Why do Canadians prefer to keep things tidy?
February 2007
Europe’s Original Sin
After a bloody twentieth century, the continent may now be ready to come to terms with its dark history
January 2007
The Virtue In Vice
Is abstinence as deadly a sin as excess?
A Society of Seers
Can Thomas Homer-Dixon’s “prospective mind” help us thrive after global crises?
November 2006
The Bad Future
Climate change vs. civilization
October 2006
The Paradox of Paradise
Adventures in Waynejohnstonland
June 2006
The Possibility of a Pornographic Moralist
Caustic, excessive, self-loathing French author Michel Houellebecq skewers Western civilization
Graphic Truths
Once pure fantasy, the comic book has become a powerful way of portraying reality
May 2006
Walking off the Map
Hymns to the unknown city beneath our feet
April 2006
Dispatches from the Void
Three journalists watch the gears of history work in real time
March 2006
It’s a Porn World After All
Commercial concupiscence consumes global culture
February 2006
Rising China, Razing Mao
A searing portrait of the Great Helmsman
November 2005
Ideological Warfare
Why the United States needs opinionated loudmouths
October 2005
Who Killed Globalization?
Was it Colonel Bush in the kitchen with a gun? Mr. Nike in the Gym with a blunt instrument? Sir Ralston Saul in his study with a sharp pencil?
September 2005
Dangerous Liaisons
How Hollywood seduced the world, then ate it.
July 2005
A Civilizing Influence
Tariq Ali’s Islam Quintet paints a softer face on the historical interactions between Muslims and the West
Identity Crisis
Turkey’s most famous writer evokes his country’s schizophrenic past and its struggle with Islam’s place in day-to-day life.
June 2005
Has Childhood Gone <span class=awol?" title="" />
Both picture books and young readers seem to be disappearing as a new target market takes shape
May 2005
The Life Quixotic
Cervantes’ man of la Mancha rides again
April 2005
Cities in a Raw Young Century
Bombay, Tehran, and Prague, in all their madness and excess, refuse to conform to Western notions of the modern city
March 2005
The Bonfire is Out
February 2005
Hockey: The Great Literary Shutout
Hockey literature takes a bodycheck
January 2005
Burning Man
November 2004
A Manual’s Labours
The self-help sex book, like its first readers, has crossed middle age. With Viagra, both get a little lift
October 2004
The Photographer and the Philosopher
September 2004
Spin Alert
Is an increasingly powerful public relations industry controlling the news?
July 2004
The Art of the Bad Review
We need more book critics who are fearless – though that alone won’t do
April 2004
The New World, Anew
Colin McAdams’s tale bring Can Lit out of the dark
February 2004
What Franklin Meant
Two conservatives reconsider the president who saved capitalism – and created the American welfare state
November 2003
Dallaire’s Inferno
The Rwandan genocide retold
October 2003
Resisting The Veil
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