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December 2011
Adventures of a Supernumerary
My unlikely role in the Canadian Opera Company production of Richard Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos
March 2006
Repress Yourself
Where emotions are concerned the new slogan is: Turn off, Lay low, Shut up
September 2005
Why Psychoanalysis Matters
It has taken a back seat to pop psychology, pills, and other therapies in recent years. But now, thanks to Tony Soprano (and new neuroscientific research), the “talking cure” is sexy again.
July 2005
Arsenal of Illusion
Hollywood know-how is helping to create new kinds of military weapons that target the brain — but not with a bullet
January 2005
Hail to the Hicks
How Hee Haw, Red Green, and Corner Gas uphold a grand Canadian tradition
November 2004
Amateurs Like Us
Those incredible men and women and their sort of doable, not-too-daunting feats
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