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May 2012
A Park Apart
Sable Island will soon become our forty-third national park, and the challenge for Parks Canada is how to reconcile the competing interests of wilderness protection and ecotourism. Can a national park really manage both?
October 2011
Mountain Due
Ski porn meets climate change in a new movie by the Rocky Mountain Sherpas
October 2010
The Last Great Water Fight
The battle for the northern headwaters of the Mackenzie River
September 2010
A 10 Percent World
Our natural world is a fraction of what it was before the mass culls and oil spills of the human era. To imagine how it once was is not to lament, but to picture what it can be again
May 2010
The New Grand Tour
Greetings from twenty-first-century Europe, where new ideas, new technologies, and better ways of living are flourishing
October 2009
The Age of Breathing Underwater
Environmentalists have long struggled to save Nature from humanity’s negligence — and still we’ve reached the brink of catastrophe. How can we learn to thrive in the climate we’ve created? The answer begins beneath the sea‚Ķ
July 2009
Decomposting Bodies
What’s the greenest way to dispose of human remains?
June 2009
An Inconvenient Talk
Dave Hughes’s guide to the end of the fossil fuel age
March 2009
The Opposite of Apocalypse
Conservationists are restoring a living tortoise fossil to its prehistoric range. Can we recreate nature?
January 2009
Feed-In Frenzy
A simple green tariff has transformed Germany. Why isn’t Canada following suit?
The Future Has Begun
Vertical farms will take eating local to the next level — but are they safe?
December 2008
Eels on Wheels
The curious conservation of the Great Lakes eel
October 2008
The Business of Saving the Earth
Ecological economists are assigning a price to watersheds and other biological factories
June 2008
Before the Flood
Can sea barriers save New York from global warming’s perfect storm?
March 2008
Fat of the Land
How trans fats endanger wild elephants in Borneo
Nuclear Reaction
Accusations of cancerous fallout divide a small Ontario town
October 2007
The Chinese Dust Bowl
China is undertaking the most ambitious environmental restoration in history
March 2007
Here Comes the Heat
New research suggests climate change could be faster and more furious than anyone expects
January 2006
Water to Burn
Iceland’s experiment with hydrogen points toward an oil-free world.
Funny Farms
With the family farm suffering, some enterprising growers are counting on “agritourism” to bring in revenue
October 2005
Melting Point
How global warming will melt our glaciers, empty the Great Lakes, force Canada to divert rivers, build dams, and, yes, sell water to the United States
May 2005
The Forest’s Edge
As a youth, the trees sustained me. I wonder now, have they been betrayed ?
January 2005
Everyday Poisons
Are fire retardants actually a toxic hazard?
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