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September 2012
Pop and the Tax Question
An economist’s modest proposal to address the obesity epidemic
The Harper Doctrine: Once a Criminal, Always a Criminal
Liberal and Conservatives have agreed that our criminal justice system should rehabilitate offenders — until now
July 2012
Ship Spotting
Will the Trans Mountain pipeline and Kinder Morgan’s bid to increase oil tanker traffic sink Vancouver’s green ambitions?
Double Vision
Poet Pauline Johnson enthralled Victorian theatregoers with a stereotype-smashing spin on her Mohawk-English heritage. Along the way, she became Canada’s first postmodern celebrity
June 2012
Nadir and Me
Forced solidarity in the waiting room
May 2012
Bully Pulpit
Is anti-bullying hysteria harming our kids?
Of Culture and Condos
Shortly before he died, the literary critic Northrop Frye foresaw an insidious cultural phenomenon: Canada’s “condominium mentality”
April 2012
The Deficit in Financial Intelligence
A federal task force proposes a financial literacy leader to teach us what we didn’t learn in school: how to manage our money
Printed books may be dwindling, but libraries across Canada are getting along fine without them
March 2012
That Time We Beat the Americans
A misunderstood moment, now 200 years old, defines us as Canadians. A citizens’ guide to the War of 1812
January 2012
Apocalypse Soon
Prophecies of impending doom — based on hard science as well as Scripture — abound. Where does our appetite for retribution come from?
Pipeline Offence
How TransCanada Corporation changed the game for football fans in Nebraska
Tough Lessons
Reflections on a popular teacher with a dark secret. Do tighter sexual abuse laws help or hinder students?
December 2011
Black Christmas
The holidays can be saccharine, stressful, and often lonely, so it’s no wonder many Christmas tales contain a note of malice. The season, it turns out, has much in common with Halloween
Pizza Night
A quiet meal at home becomes fodder for market research
November 2011
As the Crow Flies
Crows are harbingers of doom — and they’re taking over Ottawa
October 2011
What Happened
We’ve spent ten years asking ourselves what the events of 9/11 mean. Do we understand them any better now?
September 2011
Blinded by Science
Modern-day hucksters are cashing in on vulnerable patients
A People’s History
On an iconic Toronto street, the past lives in the details
July 2011
Tangled Web
How bad metaphors are hiking up your Internet bill
June 2011
Nerds on Ice
How advanced stats have brought hockey’s underdogs into the limelight
May 2011
Stats Con
A new chapter in the census scandal
The Beatdown
Why Ultimate Fighting Championship will never measure up to Canada’s golden age of wrestling
April 2011
On the Margins of Freedom
An essay by a Canadian convicted of murder
To Pot
Legalizing marijuana would benefit everyone: cops, taxpayers, and victims of crime. Everyone, that is, but the stoners
March 2011
False Heroes
The Conservatives have positioned themselves as fiscal saviours, but slaying the deficit will be a cinch
Skip to the Loo
Why public toilets matter
January 2011
For Prophet
What Canada could learn from Islamic finance
December 2010
On Deadbeat Dads
The best Christmas gift is parental responsibility
The Question Remains
Lost amid the violence and sensationalism of this year’s G20 summit in Toronto was an issue few wanted to confront: what if the black bloc protesters had a point?
October 2010
The Conservatives have been turning the clock back on women’s rights — but you have to look closely to tell
September 2010
Brazilian Blind Spot
The Brazilians have lately been looking north for opportunities. For our own good, we ought to return the favour
Modern Primitive
Survivorman’s Les Stroud taps into our twenty-first-century malaise and finds TV gold
July 2010
(N)O Canada!
Is our national anthem worthy of true patriot love?
June 2010
Teen Angst, RIP
There’s something disturbing about the overwhelming happiness of Canada’s teenagers
Size Matters
Will the G-20 stumble under its own weight?
May 2010
Harper may be fond of kicking watchdogs, but he isn’t the first Canadian leader to skirt accountability
April 2010
Healthy Competition?
The Canada/US rivalry stymies health care reform
March 2010
Science fiction contains worlds of wonder, but without love it’s lonely in space
January 2010
What Thunder Bay Burned
And how Lady Chatterley wrote our obscenity law
November 2009
Between the Sheets
Why you should resist the lure of book clubs
December 2007
The Autobiography of an Idea
Rethinking the Holocaust in light of 9/11, my mentor, and my dad
September 2007
Telling All
The phenomenon of the male public apology hides the truth about men, shame, and silence
April 2006
Caught in Time’s Current
Our human quarrel with the clock
March 2006
The Angel of Now
A meditation on the nature of time and a visit from an owl
January 2006
America the Beautiful
My first memory of America is driving through the Black Hills of South Dakota on a hot August day in a black Chevrolet Corvair without air conditioning...
February 2005
Is Africa’s Pain Black America’s Burden?
An essay
October 2004
The Genocide Problem: “Never Again” All Over Again
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