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May 2012
House Rules
The Green Party’s Elizabeth May went to Ottawa to champion environmental issues. Now the country’s hardest-working politician is out to rescue the democratic process
January 2012
Reign Maker
David Johnston, Canada’s twenty-eighth Governor General, possesses impeccable credentials and old-fashioned charm. Plus he is the government’s secret weapon in restoring the power of the monarchy
October 2011
Glorious and Free
Making Canada a model nation for the treatment of refugees
July 2011
The Biggest Losers
A long-time Liberal strategist explains the defeat of the once-mighty Grits
April 2011
Mister Right
How has Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper’s new chief of staff, reached the top of the business and political worlds without making enemies?
March 2011
The New Solitudes
Canada was once defined by the schism between English and French. Today, our divide is increasingly ideological. Can it be bridged?
January 2011
Madam Premier
How Eva Aariak is reinventing the politics of the North
December 2010
Auditing the Auditor General
After almost ten years on the job, Sheila Fraser is preparing to step down. Her tenure was not without its controversy, but no one in Ottawa any longer questions her toughness
April 2010
The Shout Doctrine
What happens when political debates escalate into a culture of arguments, attack ads, and anonymous Internet assaults? A Parliament effectively shut — and shouted — down
January 2010
The Stranger Within
Who is Michael Ignatieff? Why does he want to run the country? And does he have what it takes, not only to defeat Stephen Harper, but also — first things first — to bring peace to his own party?
April 2009
The Outsider
How Stephen Harper brought Canada to conservatism and the Conservatives to crisis
All in the Game
Inside the mind of Barack Obama as he sets forth on his first term as president
March 2009
The Outsider
How Stephen Harper brought Canada to conservatism and the Conservatives to crisis
May 2008
Politics as Unusual: Sanity Found
The rapture and regret of leaving Ottawa
April 2008
Politics as Unusual: Darkness Visible
The continuing saga of Barry Campbell, MP
March 2008
Politics as Unusual:<br />A Legend is Born
Barry Campbell runs for office, knocks on doors
November 2007
Sovereignty from the North
An Inuit leader says Canada is asleep at the post in the Arctic
October 2007
Blown Into Proportion
On the eve of Ontario’s referendum, a young voter makes the case for overhauling the country’s electoral system
July 2007
Do we want our political leaders to be sexy and playful, or are we content with being bored?
February 2007
Once Upon a Country
In Stéphane Dion the Liberals have a new narrator and perhaps a hero. All now depends on the story he tells and how the Canadian everyman reacts.
January 2007
Noble Ambition
Paul Martin’s former chief of staff comes out swinging: It’s the economy, stupid, and my boss knew it
October 2006
Stephen Harper and the Theo-cons
The rising clout of Canada’s religious right
September 2006
The True West, Strong and Free
What will Canada’s richest province do with its new-found power?
May 2006
Fake Left, Go Right
An insider’s take on Jack Layton’s game of chance
April 2006
Poetic Rule
Liberty is a work of art
Israel’s Divided Soul
Has the Zionist dream played itself out?
February 2006
Ignatieff’s Realm
The New York Observer wrote that Michael Ignatieff left Harvard “to save the Canadians.” Why have his writings led some to wonder if we need saving from him instead?
The Separatist Curve Ball
How the Bloc Québécois cornered federalism
January 2006
A Gentle Revolution
All they wanted was to slow the pace of development in their territory. But by the time their 254-day sit-in concluded, the elders had reshaped the Tahltan Nation
November 2005
A Tribute Paid to Reason
Cross-examining the legacy of the Nuremberg war-crimes tribunals
September 2005
The Rising Fall of the American Empire
Republican imperialism has left the US divided. Can a United Nations initiative save America from itself?
Revenge of the Small
After a lifetime of two-party rule in Ottawa, the little guys are finally winning.
July 2005
Green Party Blues
Can Jim Harris rescue the environment by mainstreaming the Greens?
The Dictator Debt Catch
A US-brokered deal to forgive billions in Iraqi debt is causing other countries to say “me too,” even as some Iraqis wish they’d said “no thanks.”
June 2005
Desperately Seeking Ideas
Politics has been reduced to a guessing game about what voters want. Here’s a thought: how about an election fought on real issues
March 2005
Nanny Abuse
Continentalism of a Different Stripe
Are Canadian provinces and the blue states in the U.S. quietly forging a radical new North American Union ? This American says, “Yes.”
February 2005
Quebec’s Final Victory
Pierre Trudeau tried to stop a cycle of blackmail, where one province held up the national interest by bargaining solely for its own parish. Paul Martin’s new health accord is an invitation not just for one blackmailer, but for ten.
Sistani’s Silent Partners
The mysterious Al Dawa party, in league with head cleric Ayatollah Sistani, may be the new powerbrokers in post-election Iraq.
January 2005
Burma on the Brink
The military junta in Burma has agreed to discuss democracy, but the pace of reform is agonizingly slow
November 2004
A Love Affair with Secrecy
The Access to Information Act was supposed to get government documents into the hands of Canadians. Instead, it has created a state in which there are often no documents to get.
September 2004
How to Save Democracy
The system is ailing and the disease is cynicism. Perhaps the time has come for a radical new treatment
July 2004
Iran’s Great Game
In 1980, Saddam Hussein invaded Iran because he believed Iranian fundamentalists were plotting against him. Today, with increasing chaos on the ground, is Iraq still threatened by Iranian subversion?
April 2004
Continental Divide
Can we sympathize with America’s post-9/11 position without getting tangled in the country’s paranoid militarism?
February 2004
Where Leaders Fail
The Israeli and Palenstinian people hold the future of Israel in their capable hands
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