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You Are Here

April 2008
Blue Jeans: A Style for Every Story
The details behind the denim, from ninety years ago to now
December 2007
Let’s Get Lost
You are here because you are lost
October 2007
Tunnelling Through Time
An artistic look at life underground, from the Paleolithic to now.
April 2006
A History of the Loonie, in Eight Pieces
The bird is hot. That flaxen-hued coin in your pocket is worth more than it has been since it was created in 1987. Economists predict it will fetch ninety cents or more against the US dollar before the end of the year, thanks to high prices for commoditie
February 2006
Bedrock of Pop Culture
What would Sun Ra do?
May 2005
Sushi Then and Now
January 2005
A Truthful Mind
November 2003
A brief history of search engines
Canada & its place in the world. Published by
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